The Universe Only Helps You If…

Jason Pfaff
4 min readFeb 8, 2023
Photo by Alazar Kassahun on Unsplash

Being on a spiritual path for the last twenty three years, I’ve learned a thing or two. I’ve tried being the manager of the universe- not only is it exhausting, it doesn’t work. I’ve also noticed what I’m doing when things seem to go better. Hopefully this blog will help you be better friends with the universe.

There seems to be some conflict between the old-school mentality of “no pain, no gain”, and the new-school attitude of “work smarter, not harder.” As the old way relies heavily on your vigorous effort to make things happen, the newer way suggests tapping into a relaxed flow-state where you focus more on your well-being to improve your vibration, which in turn attracts better circumstances. This relates to the popular concept of the law of attraction.

“Everything in Life is Vibration” — Albert Einstein

I’ve come to believe that the universe will only serve you if and when you are doing something you enjoy. Sure, you can choose things you don’t enjoy, but then you’re on your own- the universe doesn’t want any part of that. Take a risk, move towards what you really want, then the universe is happy to open doors for you and blow your mind.

The universe does not serve half-assed measures.

It also seems that the universe rewards “all in” behaviors versus wishy washy ones. In this regard, the universe does not judge. So, ideally you are not only doing something you truly enjoy, but you are also all in. This is difficult for multi-taskers, as energy can be spread thin if there are too many things to focus on.

“The Universe favors the brave. When you resolve to lift your life to its highest level, the strength of your soul will guide you to a magical place with magnificent treasures.”

The good stuff is outside of the comfort-zone.

Because most of us were raised eating, drinking, and absorbing an obnoxious amount of chemicals and pollutants, rarely would we feel like our true selves or even see the moon with our truest eyes. The good news is we can choose to detoxify our bodies and surround ourselves with people that can teach us many things about life.