How To Boost Creative Energy

Jason Pfaff
2 min readFeb 16, 2023
Photo by Lucas Kapla on Unsplash

Who you surround yourself with matters because their energy rubs off on you. It’s easier to be creative and productive if the people around you are. You can set yourself back big time by hanging out with the wrong crowd. Energy vampires are amongst you- they can and will steal your energy.

So, choose wisely. Choose people who have what you want or that emulate the lifestyle you want.

One way to be more creative is to make time for it, and a good method to use is time-blocking. Time-blocking is simply allotting certain hours each day for creative activities. If you sleep for eight hours and work for eight hours, you have eight remaining hours left in a day for other activities. Even allowing one hour a day to be creative is better than nothing.

Keep the energy flowing, move your body, dance, sing, scream, draw, paint, make music, write, etc.. Keep it lit!

There’s a myth of perception that only artists are creative people, but the truth is anything involving people is creative. How you deal with and work with others is a creative process. People who help others in some form are being creative. Your personality is also creative.

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