3 Tips To Prevent Freaking Out

Jason Pfaff
2 min readAug 24, 2022
Photo by Windows on Unsplash

Tip 1: I believe in part, stress is caused by a lack of focus and engagement with either the moment in general, or an un-acceptance of doing nothing. Therefor, engaging in something productive could reduce stress.

If we’re spending time freaking out, we’ve got time to spend. If we keep ourselves busy with engaging in something productive, there is less time to freak out. However, it might be productive also to schedule time specifically for freaking out or just letting yourself just be.

I noticed I was freaking out today when I realized I wasn’t aligned with my own value system. I realized I was not being productive on the level I minimally need to be. When I engaged in something focused, I felt better. So instead of just freaking out in moments like that, try doing something that requires focus such as lifting weights, yoga, writing, or more linear tasks such as home repairs, etc.

Ultimately, our lives are our own to design and fill with tasks. Too much time to play with can become a negative. By simply engaging in a focused task, we can prevent stress. A more involved process would be centered around goal management, but that’s a different conversation.

Tip 2: Tweak your psychology. A big part of stress is from taking ourselves too seriously. When confronted with a dilemma, just respond with “So?”

Try being more abstract, or in other words, stop making sense.

Tip 3: Dance, got legs? Use them. Stagnancy causes stress, ideally energy must be free to move. Find music that moves your soul and just intuitively let your body dance the way it wants to.

There are legit reasons to freak out in life, so we must counter them with strategies. Also, consider that anxiety can be a compass. If a situation makes you highly anxious, perhaps it is your soul telling you to stay away from it.

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